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See what educators and teens are saying about the Center For Financial Empowerment

Education Administrators


To have people graduate from high school without this important knowledge is like sending soldiers into battle without training or weapons. It's our responsibility as educators to ensure our graduating seniors are equipped with the financial literacy necessary to live good, stress-free lives.

- Luis Cruz, Ph.D., Education Consultant

​On behalf of the Junior and Senior classes, we thank the Center for Financial Empowerment for a job well done! I know our students got a lot out of the interesting and valuable class work.

- Dave Carson, Director, KARE Youth League


Our partnership with the Center for Financial Empowerment has really opened a whole new dimension of opportunities for DHS students.​

- Joe Kenney, Economics teacher, Duarte High School

​The financial literacy series offered by the CFE is an invaluable learning tool that provides our kids with a money management foundation to build on.

- Melanie Graf, Economics teacher, Sierra Vista High School

​I am so grateful for coming into contact with this wonderful organization! My students are so engaged in the learning. They are not only enjoying it, but learning about life! Thank you CFE and SCE FCU!

- Margaret Nevarez, Business Teacher, Garfield High School



I enjoyed the workshops very much, and I learned a lot. For example, I learned to pay myself first and how to manage my money.​ ​

- Jessica R., Garfield High School​

I now know more about money and credit than any of my friends. I wish more teachers would have their students learn this. Now I feel ready for the real world.

​​- Alex T., Sierra Vista High School

​I gained a greater understanding on how to save, invest, and overall handle my money better.
- Diandra W., Duarte High School

​I learned so much, each week I was looking forward to the next workshop.

​​- Javier G., Baldwin Park High School

​The event was fun, but now I know not let people persuade me to buy things I don't need. It's not good to spend more than I make in income.

- Marina P., Chaffey High School

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