Your one-year membership begins with a tax-deductible donation of $10 or more.
You’ll also have the option to renew your membership annually to continue your support.

Being a CFE member gives you the following benefits:


  • Opportunities to personally get involved at financial education events in local underserved communities

  • Resources for improved personal financial education, for yourself and your family

  • Membership eligibility for SCE Federal Credit Union

  • Receive financial learning success stories from our students, as well as updates and financial education tips you can use

We welcome individuals residing in Southern California and Southern Nevada to support youth financial education as a CFE member.

As the Center's founder and primary sponsor, SCE Federal Credit Union 
is the heart and soul behind our work. 
CFE Staff
Members of the Board

Treasurer - Dan Rader  

SCE FCU, President/CEO


Abby Ulm


Secretary - Pascual Garrido

SCE FCU, Director, Business Development & Advocacy

TIm Ferreira - Zoom.jpeg

Chair - Tim "TJ" Ferreira

CEO, Digistack, Inc.


Vice Chair - Robin Vitiello

Director, Academy Of Finance,
Clark High School


Board Director - Kathy Cardenas

SCE FCU, Director,
Executive Administration


Board Director - Kenji Coleman

Retired, formerly

SCE Project Management

Luis Cruz-cond.jpg

Board Director - Dr. Luis Cruz

Education Consultant & Speaker, New Frontier 21, Cruz & Associates Inc.