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Volunteer Of The Month: Vee Clark

Working in financial services for most of her career, Vee Clark knows first-hand the need for early financial education. Most of her days are spent talking to people about money issues. With her no-nonsense style and infectious laugh, taking on the role of a Mad City Money volunteer is a snap.

Vee first signed on as a volunteer years ago when the Mad City Money concept was promoted at her workplace. “When I saw the presentation, I wished that my children had an event like this when they were in high school.”

Vee values youth financial education because it gives young people a head start to succeed in life. “We need to nurture, support and educate our youth now and prepare them for things they will need to know for their future.” She likes that the Mad City Money program includes the Fickle Finger of Fate, where teens are faced with an unexpected life event in the scenario and have to adjust their spending accordingly. “It really shows them how unplanned things can happen that will hurt their finances if they’re not prepared.”

With her years of experience, Vee has a favorite mantra for young people regarding how to succeed with money: Budget, budget, budget!

Vee will soon be leaving her long-time position at SCE FCU and moving out of state to be closer to her grandchildren. It's hard to say goodbye to a dedicated volunteer, but we wish her all the best in her new adventure!

Being a Mad City Money volunteer is rewarding and fun! Our events are on hold for now, but we will begin scheduling again when quarantine restrictions are lifted. Sign up HERE to get on our roster, and we’ll contact you when the opportunity is right.


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