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Volunteer Of The Month: Sandy Rogers

As a mother of four children who are teens and young adults, Sandy has a first-hand appreciation for the youth financial education the CFE provides for young people. She was unhappy to find out her kids were not learning personal finance lessons in high school, so when she discovered our Mad City Money program she made sure her teens went through it.

Sandy has often expressed the deep appreciation she has for the financial life skills we teach to our participants. In 2018 she signed up to be an ongoing helper and has even referred several of her friends and family members to volunteer!

Sandy interacts enthusiastically with the students and they respond well to her contagious laughter. Her favorite merchant booth is where she helps students spin the “Wheel Of Fate” to determine whether life will give them an unexpected bonus or a surprise expense. She says it teaches an important lesson to save money and be prepared, because you never know what life has to offer.

In fact, when asked what advice she would give to teens, Sandy’s answer is all about being prepared: “Invest in your future and save money for an emergency.” It’s good advice for any age!

While our Mad City Money events have been on hold lately, we hope to have new ones on the calendar soon… And when we do, we’ll need volunteers to help! It’s easy and a lot of fun, and we’ll make sure it’s safe too. Sign up HERE to get on our roster, and we’ll contact you when the opportunity is right.


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