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January 2020 Volunteer Of The Month: Monique Raja

Having worked in the education field, Monique Raja sees first-hand the need for practical financial life skills that CFE’s Mad City Money program helps students learn. As a teen, she was fortunate to have supportive mentors and programs that helped her learn the tools she needed after high school. But now, she says, in general these skills are not being emphasized with students.

“Having financial confidence can have a huge positive impact on how you problem-solve and plan your future,” Monique points out. That’s why she likes being a part of Mad City Money events. “I like being part of a cause that helps impact students’ lives in a positive way.”

Monique’s favorite Mad City Money role is selling electronics, sports equipment, and other “extras” at the Mall. It’s one of the places where students learn how expensive things are when they have to stay within a budget. She also likes how the activity teaches teens the importance of working together with a spouse or partner to make good financial decisions.

Monique has some sage financial advice for teens: “Invest in yourself by saving money for the future. You have to be prepared for the unexpected things in life that will come. Inform yourself before making important financial decisions, so you know what you’re signing up for.”

You too can be a Mad City Money volunteer, like Monique! It’s easy, and we provide training videos and instructions to show you how. Visit our Volunteers page to find out how YOU can join us as a volunteer at one of our upcoming events.


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