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March 2020 Volunteer Of The Month: Manuel Valdez

As a young adult, Manuel Valdez has already personally learned some important financial lessons the hard way – by life experience. When he learned about our Mad City Money program, he wanted to be part of the solution for the younger generation. “What sparked my interest was a financial institution actually teaching financial lessons to high school students. By sponsoring the CFE’s work, SCE FCU proves they actually care about their members and the communities they operate in, which is a positive difference I was happy to get involved with.”

Since high school wasn't all that long ago for Manny, he has a good understanding of what high school students think and feel. “High school students often feel like the concepts they’re being taught aren’t relevant in the real world. That’s why they respond so well to Mad City Money. It is so similar to real life scenarios, they can see first-hand how financial choices can affect everyday life.”

Manny’s favorite role in Mad City is to sell housing and utilities at the Really Realty booth. “I notice that when students purchase cars or homes first, they almost always have to come back to downgrade those purchases after they learn how much they have to spend on other expenses like daycare, groceries, and credit card debt.” It’s a real eye-opener for them to see how all those financial obligations add up.

Manny’s best financial advice for students is to save, save, save! “Learn a savings habit that works best for you and your income – even if it’s a small amount each week or month, it adds up. A proper savings could be what keeps you out of debt and stress-free during unanticipated circumstances.”

Imagine how much life experience wisdom you have to offer today’s high school students. You’d be a great Mad City Money volunteer! It’s easy and a lot of fun. Sign up HERE to help at one of our upcoming events. We’d love to have you join us!


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