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February 2020 Volunteer Of The Month: Yessica Sanchez-Bran

It’s been six months since Yessica Sanchez-Bran was first introduced to the CFE’s financial education programs, when she joined the team at SCE Credit Union. Since then she’s jumped in to help at Mad City Money events in Southern Nevada, where she lives. “I saw how the lack of financial literacy impacted me as I got older,” she says. “Being able to give back and impact future generations feels very rewarding!”

Mad City Money was not a new concept to Yessica. Thanks to a creative teacher, she participated in a similar activity on a smaller scale when she was in 5thgrade. Now that she’s an adult, she really appreciates the lessons Mad City Money teaches to teens. “It’s good that they learn the different types of expenses that can add up, such as credit card debt and student loan debt.”.

Yessica’s best advice for teens is to prioritize financial education. “Implementing the tools you learn will help you reach your current goals and also create a foundation for future goals.”

Want to have your own Mad City Money volunteer experience? Sign up HERE to help at one of our upcoming events. We’d love to have you join us!


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