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Volunteer Of The Month: Michael Zeledon

Center for Financial Empowerment began facilitating the Mad City Money financial simulation activity since 2010. The people who helped as volunteers way back then were learning - right along with us - how to best use the “simulated learning” model to help teens learn most effectively.

Our July Volunteer Of The Month, Michael Zeledon, was one of those early volunteers. He’s helped in every way possible, including set up and clean up. He’s also played merchant roles at just about every station. In addition to Mike’s humble, eager-to-help attitude, he truly believes in the importance of youth financial education. “This knowledge will impact their lives as they transition into adulthood,” he says.

Mike enjoys seeing teens learning the reality of how expensive life can be. “I can see the eyes light up when they realize the challenge of learning to live on a fixed budget,” he says. His favorite Mad City station is Kid Care, where participants are usually surprised to learn the costs of clothing, feeding, and diapering a child.

His best piece of financial advice for young adults is to think ahead. “The decisions you make today, no matter how big or small, can impact your future.”

Do you have some hard-earned life experience to pass on to the younger generation? Join us to volunteer at an upcoming event and see how fun and rewarding it can be! Find out more on our Volunteers page.


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