Your money experience has a purpose.

Put it to good use for the next generation.


Help us win grants up to $100,000 through "A Community Thrives" campaign 

July 19 - August 13.


Join in to bring expanded financial literacy education to local high schools!

Improving Young Lives Through Financial Education

Who We Are

Founded in 2005 by SCE Federal Credit Union, the Center for Financial Empowerment carries out the Credit Union's vision to provide much-needed financial education to the next generation of members.


What We Do

At the Center for Financial Empowerment, we’re part of a life-changing movement enabling people to break the cycle of poverty and achieve financial stability. Through the Center’s financial education efforts, people learn the skills to manage money and improve their finances, and their quality of life.​

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Serving the Community and Its Needs

The Center For Financial Empowerment has developed a curriculum that focuses on the specific needs of today's under-served youth, aimed at developing financial empowerment. 


Your efforts can go a very long way in helping teens achieve financial education.

Become a Donor and be recognized for your contribution.  Find out how your gift can help!

Volunteers Making a Difference

Role-playing as merchants, volunteers challenge the student participants by acting like real salespeople that want to sell high and profit all they can, which gives participants a real world experience.

Find out how you can be a part of this real world interactive experience by becoming a volunteer merchant in Mad City.

Become a CFE Member and take part in a movement to improve lives and the community through financial education.  See all the benefits of becoming a member that will help you and your community.

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