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2020 Scholarship Program
$2,500 toward college expenses
Applications Accepted:  
January 1, 2020 - February 9, 2020
Who Should Apply:            
Low-income student who is active in the community, and is overcoming cultural and economic barriers to succeed in education and a future career.

Check out the tips on how to make your Scholarship application stand out and get noticed.

Applicant Eligibility Requirements

  • Referred by an approved participating organization*.

  • 17 - 24 years of age.

  • Will be attending an accredited college, university, trade college, or vocational school for the Summer or Fall term of 2020.

  • Demonstrates strong community involvement and leadership qualities.

  • Has an overall grade point average of 2.5 or higher on most recent transcripts*.

Things To Gather Before You Apply

  1. Write a short paragraph describing the community/volunteer work you have done. Include the name of the charities or organizations you worked with, and a brief description of how you helped.

  2. ​A copy of your most recent school transcript showing grade point average (GPA).

  3. Two letters of recommendation from people who can testify to your educational goals and/or community involvement 
    (Example: Community leader, Teacher, Coach, Club advisor, Guidance counselor, Case worker, Volunteer supervisor).

  4. Either A) a video or B) a written essay telling your story in a conversational way.


In your video or essay, tell us:


  • How did your family, background, or childhood influence your educational dreams and goals? What challenges or barriers have you had to overcome to pursue your dreams? Give actual examples.

  • What career do you plan to pursue, and why? What do you hope to accomplish in your chosen field? What educational goals have you defined to get there?

  • How do you hope to use your skills/education in the future to give back to your community?

How Scholarships are Funded

We fund our scholarships through savings accounts at SCE Federal Credit Union. This means that if you are selected to receive our scholarship, you will need to open a membership savings account at SCE FCU in order to receive the funds.


The scholarship funds will be deposited into your account for you to spend on college-related expenses, or even save for later if you wish. You can also add a free checking account with a debit card, making it even more convenient to spend your scholarship funds for tuition, books, lab fees, school supplies, campus meals, or other college needs.


No need to worry, there’s no catch here. The accounts are free, and there are no fees or penalties for accessing the funds. Here’s why we fund our scholarships this way:

We strongly believe that credit union membership can significantly help you manage your personal finances well, and we're committed to helping our scholarship recipients be successful in their finances as well as their education. We’re confident that access to SCE FCU’s competitive and convenient financial services will give you an advantage you won’t get from other financial institutions.

Past Scholarship Recipients
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