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2020 Scholarship Claim
Congratulations on being selected to receive a scholarship from the CFE!

*Acceptable "proof of enrollment" can be any one of the following: a copy of your class schedule; a copy of your enrollment receipt; a letter from the Registrar's Office.

There are two options for how your scholarship funds can be paid: 


To a SCE FCU Saving or Checking account owned by you (scholarship recipient)

What To Do:

  • Open a Savings or Checking account with SCE Federal Credit Union, if you don't already have one (see box below)

  • Submit the Scholarship Claim Form (You will need to provide your SCE FCU member/account number)

  • Upload your "Proof of enrollment" document


Direct payment to your college

*May result in changes to your financial aid package

What To Do:

  • Submit the Scholarship Claim Form (You will need to provide the payment address and department information for your college)

  • Upload your "Proof of enrollment" document

SCE FCU Membership

  • SCE FCU services are designed to help you learn to manage money well without charging unnecessary, excessive fees while you are learning. You will not find that at other financial institutions. Being a SCE FCU member will greatly benefit you throughout college and beyond.

  • There's no catch. The accounts are free and there are no fees or penalties for accessing the funds.

  • When you choose Payment Option #1 the scholarship funds will be deposited to your account for you to spend on college-related expenses. With our mobile banking app and a Checking debit card, it's super convenient to spend your scholarship funds for tuition, books, lab fees, school supplies, campus meals, or other college needs.


*You will most likely need to physically go into a SCE FCU branch to open an account. The online process will not work for this type of account.

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