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Get active to support youth financial literacy!
Registration includes event t-shirt and a bag of sponsor gifts


  • Register for the CFE’s Virtual Fun Run and create your own run, walk, hike or ride anytime during the weekend of September 16-18.

  • Not a runner? That’s okay! Just about any activity will do. You can run, walk, ride your bike, or break out the roller blades. Join one of our planned group activities, or do your own thing. We can’t wait to see how creative you’ll be!

  • Challenge your friends to register and join you, making it extra fun. It’s a great opportunity to form a team and support a great cause.

  • Each registrant will receive an event t-shirt and other sponsor gifts, along with opportunities to win additional prizes.

Support the cause or a specific participant

Charitable recognition for your company

Check out the fun from last year's event!

Join the VIRTUAL FUN RUN in 4 Easy Steps:

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About The Cause

Every year thousands of low-income teens – primarily from minority demographics in communities of color – leave high school without the most basic of personal finance skills. These young people are more likely to come from unbanked or underbanked families, putting them at a significant “financial literacy” disadvantage to their peers. The Center for Financial Empowerment’s financial education programs help to resolve these racial and socio-economic inequities by empowering disadvantaged youth to make healthy financial choices for an improved quality of life. 


“The CFE event showed me that life has a lot of expenses and I have to be smart with every purchase because it all adds up. It was enlightening.”
                             - Carlos


“Today's CFE event was not a boring finance class! I learned money management isn't as easy as I thought. This is the kind of information I find useful for real life.”
                             - Samantha

Planned Group Activities


Southern California

Rose Bowl Run/Walk

Sunday, September 18 at 9 am

Coordinator: Talia Sanchez

REGISTER to get info

Antonovich Trail Hike

Sunday, September 18 at 7:45 am

Coordinator: Jerry Mora

REGISTER to get info

Southern Nevada

Summerlin Trail Run/Walk

Sunday, September 18 at 7 am

Coordinator: Perla Lopez

REGISTER to get info



Tell your friends & family about your Fun Run and invite them to join you or donate to support you.


Teens need to learn money skills before graduation, and very few are learning it in school. I’m trying to raise $____ to support youth financial literacy by participating in a VIRTUAL FUN RUN this month. Help me reach my goal!

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