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What Students Say About Financial Reality



2014 is shaping up to be all about our financial reality program, called Mad City Money. This fun, interactive event remains our most popular and most effective tool for teaching youth about smart money management. As we gear up to launch our 2014 Mad City Money events, take a look at some of our most memorable comments from past participants.



"I really liked the Mad City Money event, it was fun and it gave me a glimpse of the not too distant future. It showed me that getting married is a bad idea if you want to save your money."  – Andrew M.


"I'm always saying I can't wait to have a place to myself, but now I know it comes with many expenses. Every student should do Mad City Money because it shows what our parents actually have to go to and how much they sacrifice for us."   - Javier G.


"I understand now the importance of keeping track of everything I spend money on. And I now know that money is hard to get and hold onto because so many things need to get paid."  - Betsy P.


"Today’s experience was awesome! I realized that housing is really expensive."  - Wilfredo V.


"Today I learned why adults are always trying to not spend money." – Paulina S.


While you may get a chuckle out of some of these comments, it's easy to see that each of these young people had a significant learning experience that caused them to think differently about how their choices in life can affect their financial outcomes. These are important lessons that young people should learn early.


The Center wants to provide the Mad City Money experience for 600 youth this year – a big goal, for sure! But imagine the impact this empowering experience can have on a large scale! We’re counting on the support of our private donors, corporate sponsors and grant funders to help us achieve this goal. Check out the upcoming events we have planned and see how you can help!